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As a kid growing up in the Annapolis Valley, I used to spend most of my spare time playing in the woods down by the river. My friends and I would build forts hidden in the woods. I grew to have an intense love of the wilderness.

As an adult, not much has changed. I still spend most of summer and fall at my log cabin that I built with my own hands. It is hidden in the woods in central Nova Scotia. When I fly over Nova Scotia, I see the clear cutting done by the large corporations for lumber and paper products. It makes me sad to see such poor cutting practices.

I encourage all lot owners to practice good silviculture. Only cut the trees that have to be cut to place a building or septic field. Thin out the smaller trees for a view, but leave the forest in a beautiful state for all to see and for future generations and for the animals that were here long before humans.

Happy Camping,

Gordon Foster

Special photo credit: The eagle photo on our sign and in the header was taken by W Patrick Clements.

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