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As a kid growing up in the Annapolis Valley, I used to spend most of my spare time playing in the woods down by the river. My friends and I would build forts hidden in the woods. I grew to have an intense love of the wilderness.

As an adult, not much has changed. I still spend most of summer and fall at my log cabin that I built with my own hands. It is hidden in the woods in central Nova Scotia. When I fly over Nova Scotia, I see the clear cutting done by the large corporations for lumber and paper products. It makes me sad to see such poor cutting practices.

This land will now be protected from commercial cutting into perpetuity. The previous owner replanted spruce seedlings. Many of those seedlings are now over 15 feet high. Some of the local hardwoods are well over 100 years old and very colorful in the fall. They provide food and shelter for the many types of birds and animals and shade for us on a hot day. Please leave the forest in its natural state.

Happy Camping,

Gordon Foster


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Special photo credit: The eagle photo on our sign and in the header was taken by W Patrick Clements.

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